One Week until the Central England Purple Regional Final!

Let’s get ready for the Central England PURPLE Regional Final – it’s just ONE WEEK AWAY!

Find out more about the teams, their ideas, and who will be judging them:


Renergy (P.O.P.) – Heath Park School

 A device placed under roads to collect carbon emissions and harvest excess energy which will be collected at a factory and redistributed.

Team Bebo – Colton Hills Community School

A robot that is used to collect the plastic from the oceans and a campaign to spread public awareness about plastic in the oceans.

A.S.A.P. – Perton Middle School

An ‘App Saving A Planet’ tracking how much non-recyclable plastic users are using – (with rewards for less plastic use) funded by a plastic tax.

Hedge’O’Rama – Colton Hills Community School

A hutch for hedgehogs and service vaccinating hedgehogs whilst raising awareness about hedgehogs.

Oxidrone – Colton Hills Community School

A campaign about CO2 and a drone which uses photosynthesis to try to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

Faper – Arden Academy

A paper made from fallen leaves which will be rolled out into schools, businesses and commercially.


Andy Swain – Senior Manager – Sustainability, Tarmac
Kashmire Hawker – Graduate of Politics
Rachel Groves MCIPRSocial and Sustainability Manager,  Volker Fitzpatrick
Ninder Johal – CEO, Nachural Group