One Week until the Central Belt Scotland and North England Blue Regional Final!

Let’s get ready for the Central Belt Scotland and North England BLUE Regional Final – it’s just ONE WEEK AWAY!

Find out more about the teams, their ideas, and who will be judging them:


Barking Benefits – Kingsmeadow Community School

A service which uses dogs as therapists to help with mental health in young people.

Spike Stoppers – Kingsmeadow Community School

A selection of straws and cups that will change colour if a drink has been spiked with particular substances.

Aero-Secure – Outwood Academy Freeston

A campaign to fund and build prototypes for a tree-planting drone that runs on green energy.

Team Revolution – The Halifax Academy

An energy producing watch that is made from recycled materials.

Eco Air – Royds School

A car that is powered by air.


James Hubbard – Corporate Responsibility Expert, Kongsberg Automotive
Connor Burleigh – #iwill Ambassador
Alexandra Willans – CTE Partnership Director, Bradford Council
Simon Chaffer – 3iG Investment & Operations Lead, Northern Gas Networks