Here are the Regional Finalists in South-East England!

Congratulations to all the teams that submitted their ideas, despite all the various challenges that have happened, and continue to happen!  We’re so proud of all of you!  The 34 South-East England school submissions have been judged, and we have our regional finalists!

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation & government guidelines, be assured that we are working on alternative plans for the next stage of the programme, including remote mentoring & ‘virtual’ regional finals.

The teams that have been shortlisted in South-East England are:

Wonky Food Machine – Mayfield School
T.E.B – Priory School
Eco Station – Mayfield School
Soundi – Cams Hill School
Waste Recyclers – Mayfield School
Hydro-Cleaner – Cams Hill School
Rain Cloud – Mayfield School
Beauti-Fill – Priory School
Bee Botz – Mayfield School
Mini Bines – Cams Hill School
The Root Problem – Oaks Park High School
Kazes – Plashet School
Forest Beauty – Quwwat-ul-Islam Girls’ School
Fish is Future – Plashet School
Better than Before – Saint Gabriel’s College
The world needs a change – Plashet School
Sheilds – Quwwat-ul-Islam Girls’ School
Air Filter – Saint Gabriel’s College
S.O.A – Oaks Park High School
Basket Bottle Bin – Plashet School
The New and Improved Generation -Saint Gabriel’s College

“Well, what an achievement!! In the South East Region we 8 Big Ideas Days in about 5 weeks, meeting over 1400 wonderful students.  We were inspired, surprised, awed by the engagement and ideas from students in our region.  Then came the development sessions, thick and fast, wonderfully supported by our business mentors and teachers.  We enjoyed seeing the Big Ideas get even bigger and worked out culminating in the regional finalists that you see here listed today.

 Little did we know that as the South East wrapped up it’s Big Ideas Days in February a few weeks later, the odds would be against our students in getting their entries in.

As communities and businesses alike began to isolate, quarantine, lock down so there was less and less access to mentors, development sessions and even teachers! Yet despite this came determination, resilience, incredible creativity and a high standard of work.  I am really proud of all my schools, students and teachers. Some of whom valiantly continued to encourage their students from their sick beds and others stayed in school to get entries in when really they should have self-isolated for their own safety.  It has been hard on everyone but it is lovely to see what has come out of it. We are doing our best to make thinnest part of the Programme as accessible, creative and exciting as we can. Congratulations to all of you!”

Erel Onojobi, Programme Coordinator, South-East England