Announcing the West England Regional Finalists!

Congratulations to all the teams that submitted their ideas, despite all the various challenges that have happened, and continue to happen!  We’re so proud of all of you!  The 63 West England school submissions have been judged, and we have our regional finalists!

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation & government guidelines, be assured that we are working on alternative plans for the next stage of the programme, including remote mentoring & ‘virtual’ regional finals.

The teams that have been shortlisted in West England are:

JACKL – Heath Park School
UVGhosts – Colton Hills Community School
Litter Busters – Hodge Hill College
Crafty and Classy – Heath Park School
A.S.A.P – Perton Middle School
MBE – Heath Park School
Oxidrone – Colton Hills Community School
Biocomposters – Hodge Hill College
Renergy – Heath Park School
TPR – Hodge Hill College
Team Bebo – Colton Hills Community School
Eco Scan – Arden Academy
The Green Globe – Alderbrook School
Faper – Arden Academy
Future Forest – John Henry Newman Catholic College
DHE – Alderbrook School
Eco Move – The Coleshill School
2 Yorkies of the West – Arden Academy
Tears of Trees – Alderbrook School
Operation Crustacean – John Henry Newman Catholic College
Fishy Flavour – The Coleshill School
The Green Tree Foundation – Arden Academy
EAP – Alderbrook School
PEGI – Nailsea School
No Litter – Merchants’ Academy
Meat Free May – Nailsea School
Practical Minds – Merchants’ Academy
Put a Stop to Plastic – Nailsea School
Sea Changers – Merchants’ Academy
Positive Press – Nailsea School
S.T.W.W. – Merchants’ Academy

“I can’t believe that, despite all the challenges our students and teachers faced, every school in the West England region managed to submit their entries on time, 63 entries in total!  The hard work that the young people have put into their plans, and the resilience they have shown is what makes us even more determined to do all we can to keep the programme running, and to give them all as much support as we are able to.  Thank you to our fantastic shortlisting judges who embraced the challenge of our first every virtual shortlisting events admirably, and had the tough job of whittling down the entries to our 31 shortlisted teams from Bristol (a new area for us this year), and the West Midlands. Well done to all the teams, keep going with your Big Ideas even if you weren’t shortlisted, and to those who were – congratulations!”

Sarah Milburn, Programme Coordinator, West England