S4TP welcomes a new Programme Coordinator!

We are delighted to announce that we have recently welcomed a new Programme Coordinator to the Solutions for the Planet family – Erel Onojobi.  We asked her to tell us about her first week in her new role.

Erel is our new South-East England Programme Coordinator,  and is based in London.

And so my first four days at S4TP are up! The first thing to say is that I am in awe of this team and so honoured to be part of it. Jen seems to me to be an extraordinary person, she hasn’t said much, but the accolades and the success of the business tells me that she has put everything into it and works incredibly hard. I am a ‘people’ person and the leader is not only important to the organisation but to me – I am happy to be led by her example!

Jen came down to meet me in person at Costa Coffee in Brixton, having just arrived from Scotland! We spent the next two induction days together going through the relevant information and giving a little taster of the job to come.

I met the team via Skype which had kindly been rearranged to accommodate me. I loved the relaxed yet professional atmosphere and the feeling that this was genuinely a close-knit team that works well together. I received a lovely welcome and saw that these ladies were expert in the roles, experienced, intelligent – I would have a lot to learn!

When I applied for the role and made it through to the first stage interview, and I told Jen that I believed this job ‘had my name on it’, she laughed – maybe that helped, but it came to pass. This role really does combine my skills and experience and although I still have a lot of information to absorb before I can properly get stuck in, I am really looking forward to adding as much value as I can. So far I’ve listened in on a school ‘booking-in’ call, introduced myself to the national partners Tarmac, and set up a meeting which will hopefully result in a school sign up. Although I feel I am still very much in the learning stages, I know that this is a busy time for S4TP and so I will have to jump in pretty soon. However, I am really confident that I will receive the support I need. I’ve already had some supportive and encouraging chats with Sarah, Central and South England Programme Manager and Communications Lead.

Claire seems prolific with ideas, resources and fun! Kate really helped to ‘unlock’ an item that I didn’t understand in the training. This was the Mentor and Teacher Training that we ran through as a team on Wednesday, which was very useful in helping to solidify much of the induction material. As far as I can see this organisation is going from strength to strength and what a privilege it is to have joined at this time of expansion!”

Erel joins Sarah, Claire and Kate coordinating the Big Ideas programme across Great Britain!  You can find out more about Erel and the rest of the S4TP team here.