Big Ideas Competition 2019 National Finalists!

We are pleased to announce the 12 National Finalists for the Solutions for the Planet Big Ideas Competition 2019.

It has been another year of incredible entries to the Big Ideas Competition.  We worked with nearly 3900 young people, and 900 of them continued to develop their Big Ideas into business plans with the help of their teachers and business mentors.

At the end of March, 169 teams submitted their Big Ideas to the Competition, and our judges shortlisted 63 of them to present in front of a panel of judges at our 6 regional finals.  These were held at the University of Glasgow, the University of Leeds, the University of Portsmouth, the Museum of London, Aston University and the University of Wolverhampton.  Our judges came from our business partners Tarmac, IGEM, SGN, Brammer Buck & Hickman, Mears Group, and SUEZ, with guest judges from sustainability, academia, business and industry fields.

The six regional finals produced six winners, who each gained a place at the National Final.  The remaining six places are our ‘Wild Card’ places, chosen from ALL the other submissions.

Well done to all the teams that entered, you did yourselves and your schools proud.  And big congratulations to our twelve National Finalists, listed below, who will be presenting their Big Ideas at the Palace of Westminster in London on Wednesday 26th June 2019!

We wish all our teachers and young people in England a fantastic half term, and a much-deserved long weekend for our schools in Scotland, and look forward to seeing the finalists in London in June!

Team Name School Region Big Idea
EcoFumes Biggar High School NE&S A removable exhaust filter for vehicles
Bee Aware Hall Cross Academy NE&S Campaign to increase the population of bees by combatting a range of issues
Energy Gym Priory School SE Gyms generating energy that can be put back into the National Grid
Planet Savers  Plashet School SE App that targets CO2 emissions to encourage behaviour change
Focus Arden Academy WM Shower that saves water + app that shows usage, cost and CO2
Fast ‘n’ Fashion Heath Park School WM Campaign and workshops to raise awareness of clothing waste and upcycle your old clothes
LoveLife The Halifax Academy NE&S A bracelet that tracks heart rate/blood pressure etc.
RenewAbus Mayfield School SE Bus 100%-powered by a combination of 3 types of renewable energy
O6 Oaks Park High School SE Campaign making badges out of bottle tops to encourage the recycling of plastic bottles
Microkollector Alderbrook School WM A filter that retrofits to waste pipe of washing machine to collect microfibres.
Ocean Revivers Hodge Hill College WM Scheme to get old people and kids from inner cities doing beach cleans
Power Down Perton Middle School WM An app to reward phone users for minimising their time online