Regional Finalists Regional Round-Up

It’s May, so that means that the Shortlisting events are all done, and we have whittled down our 169 submissions to 63 Regional Finalists!  Here is a quick update from our regional Programme Coordinators ahead of the 6 regional finals that will be held across the country this month:

North England update – Claire Fitton

Well, the 30 submissions have been shortlisted, and the eleven finalists have been announced for the North England Regional Final, which will be held at the University of Leeds on 13th May.  The judges had a near impossible task of deciding which teams to put through with ideas ranging from new forms of sustainable, renewable energy to charge mobile phones; using robotics on landfill sites; to new inventions to reduce food waste.  The young people from the North of England will be working hard to develop their ideas further in time for the 13th May and I cannot wait to see their presentations. I have hope that a Northern team will do well in the National Final this year.

You can find the list of the North England Regional Finalists HERE.

Scotland update – Kate Kirkwood

The Scottish teams have looked at a diverse range of problems close to their hearts and have come up with some very creative Big Ideas to tackle them. We had 33 submissions, and it has been so hard to select only nine teams to go through to the Scottish final – there were so many brilliant ideas! I am really looking forward to seeing the teams present at the University of Glasgow on May 9th. I hope that many of our other teams continue to work on their ideas outside of the competition. Great work Scotland!

You can find the list of the Scottish Regional Finalists HERE.

South East update – Charlotte Hosier

21 teams across the South East will be attending the regional finals over the next month which will be held at the University of Portsmouth and the Museum of London on the 15th and 17th May respectively.  The judges struggled to decide which of the 33 teams who entered to send through, as they were in awe of the creativity and determination of the students. With ideas ranging from a school honey business, to artificial volcanoes to tackle global warming, young people across 7 schools are working hard to develop their ideas and prepare their presentations ready to present and hopefully make it through to the National Final in June.

You can find the list of the South East Regional Finalists HERE.

West Midlands update – Sarah Milburn

We had an incredible EIGHTY submissions from 11 schools in our West Midlands region!  That meant the Shortlisting judges really had their work cut out for them, but after a lot of hard work and deliberation, we have our 22 Regional Finalist teams.  From groups of 2 to groups of 4 to groups of 7; from products to services to campaigns; from cleaning up ocean plastic to upcycling clothes to harnessing kinetic energy; you name it, we’ve got it!  So much creativity, so much variety, so much energy from the young people in this region – I can’t wait to see the 22 teams present at the regional finals on May 20th (at Aston University) and May 22nd (at the University of Wolverhampton).  I wonder if we have another National Final winner amongst them?!

You can find the list of the West Midlands Regional Finalists HERE.