IGEM NE & Yorkshire Innovation event

On Tuesday April 16th, Solutions for the Planet was given another opportunity to exhibit at an event put on by our national partner IGEM.  This time it was the North East & Yorkshire Section’s Annual Innovation Event & AGM, so our North England Programme Coordinator Claire Fitton attended:

The IGEM event was aimed at anybody involved in the gas industry, especially those who have an eye on what the future holds and how we can become more involved in shaping the future of gas, both nationally and further afield.

IGEM are one of Solutions for the Planet’s key national partners and provide enthusiastic mentors for our Big Ideas programme.  It was great to meet up with long-time S4TP mentor, supporter and previous judge Glen Judge, and Chris Hogg, who will be a regional final judge in Leeds on 13th May.  My interest in the event had been piqued at our shortlisting event, where judge  Mark Tindley from Synthotech Ltd introduced me to the idea of the decarbonisation of gas and robotisation.

One of the keynote speakers was Keith Owen, Head of Systems Development and Energy Strategy at Northern Gas Networks. Keith discussed how the industry needs to adapt its systems to cope with the demands of climate change and the increase in biogas use, and how NGN are using the development of smart gas networks, adopting digital solutions to support the decarbonisation of gas.

By far what excited me most were the discussions around new innovations led by David Dunn from Sunderland Software City, and Catapult Digital’s Augmented Reality (AR) headset.

What is AR? It is a set of technologies that superimposes digital data and images on the physical world. This was my first experience of AR given I missed the gaming culture by 30 years, so my mind was reeling about how AR could help communities and young people understand the impacts of their choices on sustainability.  Sometimes it is difficult to imagine global issues which is why programmes like Blue Planet have had such an impact – but what if we could use augmented reality to help bring sustainability issues across the world to life.  What if we could see and feel the future?   Apps like After Ice allow you to experience climate change and the effects of global warming through augmented reality!

‘After Ice simulates your location in various data-backed future scenarios of global ice melt and sea level rise. Additionally, it lets you see the NASA-projected* effect of sea level rise accurately within a 100 mile radius of New York City in the 2080s — within the lifetime of children alive today.’ (Apple App Store Preview)

Why not look at the app and see and feel for yourselves?



Written by: Claire Fitton, S4TP Programme Coordinator, North England

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Solutions for the Planet Ltd