Submissions Day Regional Round Up!

And just like that, the submissions are in and the Big Ideas Competition 2019 has officially begun!  Here is a quick update from our regional Programme Coordinators as we look towards the Shortlisting events next week:

North England update – Claire Fitton

The North of England has been buzzing with ideas for dealing with sustainability issues since our first Big Ideas Day in Doncaster last year.  Mentors have been working hard with students in six schools across Yorkshire helping them to develop their products, services or campaigns.

We have received 30 submissions covering 17 sustainability problems, including kinetic shoes that convert walking into energy and a digital nose that helps to detect microbes and prevent food waste.  Shortlisting judges are waiting in anticipation to see the what the students have come up with, and I do not envy their role trying to shortlist such a great bunch of ideas.

South East update – Charlotte Hosier

A fantastic submission day in the South East with 33 submissions received from across the region. Mentors from our 5 regional business partners have been supporting the students from 7 schools to develop their Big Ideas.  These include tackling sustainability topics such as palm oil, fast fashion, the decreasing bee population and CO2 emissions.  It has been great to see the creativity and ideas develop from the initial Big Ideas Days. The shortlisting judges have a hard task ahead of them on Monday.  Well done to all the schools, students and mentors who have worked so hard on their ideas.

Scotland update – Kate Kirkland

Submissions have been rolling in from our Scottish schools; with 26 ideas covering everything from plastic recycling to ways of harnessing energy from pupils moving around the school to power the kitchens! The SGN, Tarmac and IGEM mentors have worked with over 200 pupils from the Big Ideas Day launch, then the development sessions, right through to submission and the pupils’ hard work is clear to see. We are all really excited to read the submissions next week.


West Midlands update – Sarah Milburn

What a day Submissions Day was!  The West Midlands has gone above and beyond – EIGHTY submissions have come in from our 11 schools!  Incredible!

The range of ideas is phenomenal, as usual – alternative fuels; vitamin patches; GPS trackers; motion sensors; hydroelectricity; depolymerisation; robots; latosol – all being used as ways of tackling the sustainability issues they care about!  And some really creative-sounding campaigns focusing on waste, obesity, mental health, sexism, palm oil; you name it, it’s covered!

Good luck to our Shortlisting judges next week – you’re going to need it!


Contributions from all members of the Solutions for the Planet team.

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