Meet the Mentor! January 2019

Each month we are introducing the wonderful mentors that support the Big Ideas programme, in a feature we call ‘Meet the Mentor’.  The programme and the students on it simply would not be the same if we didn’t have this mentor support from our business and community partners, and the mentors themselves get an awful lot out of it too.  Find out more about the range of interesting and diverse mentors we work with on our Meet the Mentors page on the website!

Allow me to introduce one of our returning mentors from our West Midlands region – Faye Daly

Name: Faye Daly

Position: Product Specialist, Brammer Buck & Hickman


· Please describe your role: 

I work in the Cleaning and Hygiene team as a Product Specialist. This is part of the Tools and General Maintenance category. As a team we select the correct brands and products for the business, carry out supplier negotiations, and manage our relationship with suppliers. My role within the team includes creating the data for new products on our system, answering technical queries, processing orders and ensuring that our prices and data are correct.

· Please describe your route to this role:

I started with Brammer Buck & Hickman on a temporary contract in another role as a Material Controller. This involved placing orders and ensuring that we received our products on time and had the right products available at the right time for our customers. This was quite different to anything that I had done before but I was able to transfer the skills of being organised, able to meet deadlines and being good with spreadsheets. The range of products that I looked after then was the Cleaning and Hygiene range, so when my current role was advertised, it was a good fit for me.

· What advice do you have for young people interested in either following a similar route to you or in working for your business/sector?

Don’t be afraid to try something new, and try to talk to people in similar roles. This is a friendly industry to work in with a lot of varied and interesting jobs and people are usually happy to give you advice.

· Why did you get involved in S4TP’s Big Ideas programme?

I got involved as sustainability is something that I am passionate about! I expected to have some interesting conversations and to hear some new ideas.

· What involvement have you had so far?

I signed up at the end of 2018 and have so far done a training day and two Big Ideas Days.

· Has participating met your expectations?

Participating has so far exceeded my expectations; the Big Ideas Days have been so rewarding and really fun!

· What has been the best part about participating in the programme?

The schools and pupils have been really enthusiastic to be a part of this, and some of the ideas that have been thought up have been fascinating.

· What has been the most challenging part about participating in the programme?

The Big Ideas Days are non-stop, it can be a bit of a shock to the system when you’re used to a fairly quiet office environment.

· What have you learnt, through participating, about yourself, the company and sector you work for, young people, schools and skills development?

We need to listen to the younger generations more, it’s their future and they have some fantastic, creative ideas. We should be recognising that we have skills that can help them to nurture those ideas and we should be working together.

· How it has changed your approach in your professional life?

It has helped me to be more confident in suggesting ideas, even if they seem a bit ‘out-there.’ In helping out at the Big Ideas Days I have realised that I know more than I give myself credit for.

· What would you say to others considering participating in the programme?

Just do it!

We are proud and grateful to have you on board Faye – thank you for all your help!

Answers written by: Faye Daly, Product Specialist, Brammer Buck & Hickman

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Solutions for the Planet Ltd.