Mentor Training – regional update!

October kicked off the programme with not one, but FIVE mentor and teacher training sessions nationwide!

Training session in North England.

On the 3rd October we launched the 2018/19 Big Ideas programme with our first training teacher and mentor training session at Tarmac’s Cross Green site in Leeds. We had teachers from Hall Cross School in Doncaster, St Bede’s and St Joseph’s Catholic College in Bradford and Bishop Young Academy in Leeds and six Tarmac mentors join us for the afternoon.

In Yorkshire we have mentors from across the Materials business in Tarmac, ranging from new graduates to employees who have been with the business for 30 years plus. Some of the mentors are client-facing and others work in site management as Commercial Managers and General

Management Graduates.

The training is always a great opportunity to start forging the relationships between teachers and mentors and to learn from and with each other, and this training day was no exception. We were also really pleased to have our incoming Programme Coordinator in North England, Claire Fitton, join us on the day. We all left feeling confident about the programme and excited about launching the programme with our students.

Jen Baughan, CEO

Training sessions in the South East

October saw the launch of training in South East England for our partner companies and teachers.

The training takes place at our business partners’ sites across the region. The first training day took place at Tarmac’s offices in Silvertown in East London and the second at SUEZ HQ in Maidenhead. November and December will see training taking place at SGN and Mears Group sites.

The training was attended by employees from Tarmac and SUEZ as well as members from IGEM and teachers from Plashet School. The training was a great opportunity to bring teachers as well as employees from our different partners into the same room to learn about the programme and the role of a mentor.

I enjoyed meeting the employees and welcoming both old and new business partners to the programme. Next step – the first Big Ideas Day in the South East on November 6th at Plashet School.

Charlotte Hosier, Programme Coordinator South East

Training sessions in the West Midlands

We’ve held two very well-attended training sessions this month, so I am now in the midst of assigning mentors to schools during this half term week!

The first was on October 11th at Tarmac in Solihull, where we had 12 Tarmac employees, 1 Brammer Buck&Hickman employee, and teachers from 3 of our participating schools – Alderbrook School and Hodge Hill College (both of whom we have worked with for a number of years), and Perton Middle School (their first year on the programme).  Most of the Tarmac attendees were new graduates, and it was great to welcome a new generation of mentors.

The second was on October 23rd at Brammer Buck&Hickman in Wolverhampton, and we had a really even split of mentors from two partners and teachers – 6 from Tarmac, 5 from BBH and 8 teachers representing 6 of the participating schools!  There was a good mix of new and experienced mentors and teachers, so a lot of experience could be shared.  The schools involved in this session were: Hodge Hill Girls’ School and Tudor Grange Academy Worcester (both joining for the first time); The Coleshill School (joining independently for the first time); and long-time participants Heath Park School, Moseley Park School and Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst (previously CTC Kingshurst).

There is a lot of enthusiasm out there from mentors and teachers alike, and I can’t wait to kick things off with our first Big Ideas Day at Alderbrook on November 9th.  We’ve even got a third training session lined up for those that couldn’t make the first two, to be held at BBH in Wolverhampton on November 20th!

Sarah Milburn, Programme Coordinator West Midlands