S4TP’s new Programme Coordinators!

We are delighted to announce that we have recently welcomed two new Programme Coordinators to the Solutions for the Planet family – Claire Fitton and Kate Kirkwood.  We asked them to tell us about their first few weeks in their new roles.

First we would like to introduce Claire Fitton.  Claire is our new North England Programme Coordinator,  and is based in Yorkshire. 

“My first week started with a beautiful journey up the west coast to Glasgow for a couple of days of induction into the S4TP family. Getting to grips with the theory and paperwork that goes on behind the scenes of a Big Ideas Day, introductions to partners SGN, setting up of technology, Skype team meeting and an unexpected meeting with ‘The Motivational Dude’ at the Power-Up Hub at RBS.

The second week saw me in Sheffield having a planning meeting at a new school and attending my first (as an S4TP employee) Big Ideas Day in Doncaster, and what an amazing experience it was! Students came up with new campaigns, innovations and ideas to solve sustainability issues and the business mentors, even when out of their comfort zone, shone.

All in all a great two-week introduction to the world of S4TP.”

Kate Kirkwood is our new Scotland Programme Coordinator, and she is based in Edinburgh.

“My first two weeks at S4TP have flown by in a whirlwind of training, meeting partners, business mentors and a Big Ideas Day. Week one started in Glasgow; meeting Jen and my NE counterpart, Claire, at the RBS Business Accelerator Hub for induction training and my first weekly team meeting. I really enjoyed working in the Accelerator Hub; everyone was really welcoming and it was a great place to make connections.

Week two was all about Yorkshire; I travelled down to Sheffield to meet with a new school partner, but was thwarted by a broken-down train and some unexpected delays. The highlight of my week was attending my first Big Ideas Day at Hall Cross Academy in Doncaster. It was a great success and it was heartening to hear from a group of young people that are really clued up on sustainability issues.”

Claire and Kate join Sarah and Charlotte in coordinating the Big Ideas programme across Great Britain!  You can find out more about Claire, Kate and the rest of the S4TP team here.