S4TP Team’s Summer Away Days

Have you ever wondered what the Solutions for the Planet team do after the Big Ideas Competition Final is over, and before the new programme cycle begins again in September?  The well-earned breaks are taken, batteries recharged, and then it’s on to wrapping up the previous year, putting together the Impact Report, and looking to the year ahead.

As well as our weekly Skype meetings, we always schedule in a couple of Away Days where we can spend some much-needed face-to-face time as a team, and also work on the programme.

This month Charlotte and I took the train down to Bristol to meet Jen there for our Away Days.  The base for our brainstorming and planning was the Natwest-powered Entrepreneurial Spark accelerator hub at Trinity Quay in Bristol, where S4TP is part of a community of entrepreneurs on an acceleration journey.  This community hub offers workshops on visioning, funding, risk management and mindset; free office spacel and a fantastic community of entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off.  What do we say? Network, network, network!!!

We reviewed the 2017-18 programme, looked at all the feedback we’d received, and combined that with
setting out a clear strategy for the upcoming programme.

We looked ahead and coordinated the key programme dates for the year, a challenge when aligning different school holidays in different regions!  We reviewed the teacher and mentor training process and resources, making adjustments where necessary, and then did the same thing for the Big Ideas Day.  The website is undergoing a refresh and an update, communications strategies being formed, targets have been set and the Impact Report is being collated.

We are ready and raring to go from Monday – I hope you are too!


Written by: Sarah Milburn, S4TP Programme Coordinator & Communications Lead, West Midlands

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Solutions for the Planet Ltd