Scottish Regional Final 2018!

Scottish Regional Final: 22nd May 2018

Our month of regional finals is almost at an end!  This week our penultimate event was held at the University of Glasgow and saw our teams from Biggar High School, Grangemouth High School and Shawlands Academy bring their fantastic ideas to our first ever Scottish Regional Final!

Solutions for the Planet was so excited to launch the Big Ideas programme in Scotland back in November last year with the support of both Tarmac and SGN, plus three pilot schools.  This excitement has reached fever pitch in the past few weeks as our 8 finalists put the finishing touches to their business plans and presentations ready for their trip to Glasgow.  As with all the regional final events this year, judging was a tricky business, and our representatives from Tarmac, SGN, Learning for Sustainability (LfS) Scotland and Trinity High School had their work cut out deciding on the top three teams.  The bar was raised even higher by the amount of prototypes and merchandise showcased on the day – our teams really had brought everything but the kitchen sink to this event!  However, our judges did eventually come to a decision:

Receiving third place was Fintastic Fish Food from Shawlands Academy.  This hydroponics system was designed to be used in the classroom providing students with a food-to-fork learning opportunity.  The team brought an example fish tank plus a huge range of props to help deliver a truly engaging and interactive presentation.  The judges were particularly impressed with the ability of the project to provide a fun and informative learning opportunity which could be easily set up in schools.

In second place from Biggar High School was The Green House Effect.  This team have designed a flat-pack green house made of recycled plastic bottles.  The judges were wowed by the design capabilities of this team, and their knowledge of plastic recycling. Only certain types of plastic can be used to make this green house as this will minimise emissions resulting from melting the plastic.  The team also delivered their presentation with such infectious passion!

Finally, first place went to another Biggar High School team, Cap Beast.  This team are working on a methane-capture cap for farmers’ slurry tanks and a system to re-use the methane for energy production.  Judges loved the teams’ logo and branding but also their understanding of the needs and benefits of this project from a farming perspective.  Cap Beast are tackling a huge issue of methane emissions, but their solution focuses on a very specific source, farming, and they have tailored their idea to meet the needs of these stakeholders very well.

Cap Beast will now develop their idea ready for July 11th and the National Final at the Palace of Westminster, however all of those who presented on Tuesday did a fantastic job to raise awareness of so many different issues including rare health conditions, ocean pollution and food waste, to name a few.  We hope to see you continuing to work on your ideas as they are all incredible Solutions for the Planet!

Written by: Dr. Jess Mitchell, S4TP Programme Coordinator, North England & Scotland

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Solutions for the Planet Ltd.