Big Ideas Competition 2018 Finalists!

We are pleased to announce the 2018 Solutions for the Planet Big Ideas Competition Finalists.  This year, the standard of entries to the competition has been very high, and the judges had a particularly difficult time deciding on the 12 finalists.  For 2018, we added three new areas (Portsmouth, the North East and Scotland), worked with more schools than we ever have before, and had a record number of submissions.

The range of Big Ideas, the work on the business plans, and the quality of the presentations has been incredible.  Well done to all the young people who entered the competition this year!

And big congratulations to our finalists, listed below, who will be presenting their Big Ideas at the Palace of Westminster in London on Wednesday 11th July 2018!  We wish all our teachers and young people a fantastic half term, and look forward to seeing the finalists in London in July!


Team Name School Region Big Idea
Save Our Seas (SOS) Pudsey Grangefield School North England & Scotland A sea-cleaning vacuum complete with a frequency-emitting sound system to frighten away fish and prevent them being caught in the product.
Operation Recraft Corbridge Middle School North England & Scotland A recycling competition in school where waste is used to create beautiful sculptures and art work.
PPU CTC Kingshurst Academy West Midlands A drone to collect and spread pollen to counteract the decline in bees for pollination.
Sea Savers Hodge Hill College West Midlands A campaign to make their school (and then other schools!) plastic-free.
Rent-a-Bike Plashet School South East A rental bike scheme that uses old recycled bikes that would otherwise end up in landfill.
Cap Beast Biggar High School North England & Scotland A methane-capture cap for farmers’ slurry tanks and a system to re-use the methane for energy production.
Workout Energy Cams Hill School South East Exercise equipment and gyms powered by kinetic energy.
MediPing Corpus Christi Catholic College North England & Scotland A medical app designed to remind young people to take and complete courses of medication.
Biomass Battery King James I Academy North England & Scotland A battery fuelled by algae to solve the issue of battery waste and pollution.
Turbo Turbine Alderbrook School West Midlands A method of capturing and separating CO2 from factory chimneys and using it to generate energy using a turbine, and produce carbonic acid to sell to fizzy drinks companies.
Stop Bullying Moseley Park School West Midlands A support website and interactive Virtual Reality game that puts the bully in the shoes of the victim.
Fish 4 Fun King Richard School South East An education service focusing on teaching fishing skills to the homeless.