1 month to go – regional update!

With only 28 days left to enter the Big Ideas Competition – how are the regions doing?

Development sessions in North England and Scotland.

All NE&S schools are now well on their way with the business plan.  Some teams have already given mock presentations to their mentors and had feedback on completed sections of the business plan.  Others have been focused on testing their idea, completing market research, and making prototypes. 

Having the support of four business partners in this extended region has been crucial to our progress.  A team of mentors for Tarmac, IGEM, Mears Group and SGN are assigned to each school and support across as many sessions as possible. Our NE&S teachers have also been fantastic in providing support with the business plan and bringing in other school departments to help with making prototypes and researching parts of the Big Ideas.  With the submission date just around the corner, its going to be a difficult process deciding which teams progress to our regional finals!

Dr. Jess Mitchell, Programme Coordinator North England and Scotland

Development sessions in the South East

From London, out to Kent and down to the South Coast, all the SE schools have launched or are shortly due to launch their development sessions.  Work is well underway on getting the Big Ideas down on paper and into the business plans. I’ve managed to visit all but one of the schools so far and have been impressed by the progress being made by the teams. This has been helped by great support from teachers at the schools and mentors from SGN and Tarmac. With only four weeks to go and a few snow closures this week, the race is on to get the completed business plans submitted by March 28th.

Charlotte Hosier, Programme Coordinator South East

Development sessions in the West Midlands

7 of the 9 West Midlands schools are now fully in the throes of business plan writing and Big Idea development, with the help of their dedicated teachers and supportive business mentors from Tarmac and Brammer, Buck&Hickman.  I’ve managed to visit 6 of the schools myself so far, with a 7th booked in for next week, and I’ve been really impressed with the ideas and the hard work everyone is putting in.

Some of the schools are running their sessions after school, and others are embedding it into the curriculum, and with half term now over, all the teams have 4 more weeks in which to complete and submit their plans.  Come on West Midlands teams, let’s get as many of you through to the regional finals as we can!

Sarah Milburn, Programme Coordinator West Midlands

Remember teams – make sure all the information you want to communicate about your idea is in the business plan. The judges won’t be able to ask your team any questions about your idea at this stage so those business plans are key to securing a place at the regional finals.