S4TP aims to impact a worrying trend

pupils from Heath Park working on Big Ideas with mentor helping them

It is very important to us here at Solutions for the Planet that we work with schools that are local to our business partners, to ensure that the mentoring side of the programme is easily facilitated.  It is also important to us that we work with as many schools from more disadvantaged areas as possible, to bring the possibilities and opportunities that the programme affords to as many young people as possible, no matter their post code or financial background.

A worrying trend is emerging according to the recent Education Policy Institute study, which indicated that “the very poorest children in England have fallen even further behind their non-disadvantaged classmates since 2007.

The Education Policy Institute study suggests the most disadvantaged pupils are more than two years behind their classmates when they sit their GCSEs.

These children were those entitled to free school meals for 80% of their time at secondary school.”

The average percentage of the children entitled to free school meals at the schools where Solutions for the Planet runs the Big Ideas programme is 21%, well above the 13.2% national average.  We believe that we can make a real difference to all the kids on the programme irrespective of where they live or what their background is, and our impact reports which will be released in the coming weeks are showing this to be true.

You can read the BBC article about the Education Policy Institute study here.