Semi-Finalists in the West Midlands are…


Congratulations to all the teams that submitted their ideas, the competition was very tough.

The teams below will be presenting their Big Ideas at either Aston University on 16th May or Wolverhampton University on 17th May.

Bee-Considerate – CTC Kingshurst Academy

Brainy Bins – Heath Park School

Car-bon Energy – CTC Kingshurst Academy

Carnetics – Alderbrook School

C.T.G (Cut The Grease) – Moseley Park School

Employment Success For You (ESFY) – Moseley Park School

Energy Efficiency  – Heath Park School

Food4U – Grace Academy

Fossils for Fuels – Hodge Hill College

Global Farming – Moseley Park School

H2Drive – Hodge Hill College

HF co. – Colton Hills Community School

Nano-Cells – CTC Kingshurst Academy

Sew-Energy – Alderbrook School

Shady Wndows – Alderbrook School

The 3 Forestiers – North East Wolverhampton Academy

The Hyper Monkeys – Heath Park School

PAW (Protecting Animals in the Wild) – Colton Hills Community School

Space Engineers – Colton Hills Community School

Water to Energy – Hodge Hill College

(Teams listed in alphabetical order)

“WOW!  I am SO impressed with the number of submissions we have had this year – the most we’ve ever had in the region!  All the teams and all the teachers, I want to say a HUGE ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ to all of you for all your hard work.  I am so very proud of each and every student that took part, and each team that submitted an idea.  It is one thing to come up with a Big Idea, but it is a big challenge to break that idea down and put it into a business plan – yet you all did it!  I really hope that those of you who didn’t make it to the next round can shake off any disappointment and realise how much you’ve already learned and achieved – and KEEP GOING!  You can still make your Big Idea happen!  For the semi-finalists, well done – I am SO excited to see you all present in front of the judges at the universities, where I have no doubt you will make me even prouder of you all!!”  Sarah Milburn, S4TP Programme Coordinator, West Midlands