Big Ideas Day Showcase: Plashet School

“Last year we were in the same room as you, doing the same thing you are, trying to create all our ideas and letting our creative juices flow…”

In January S4TP welcomed Plashet School back onto our South-East programme. Their Big Ideas Day was a huge success with over 200 year 9 students letting their creative energy run free. S4TP staff and mentors from Tarmac were really impressed with the students’ enthusiasm and existing knowledge of sustainability problems.

Peer support learning in action!

“We went to STEM club for quite a lot of weeks and we met some mentors [from Tarmac and SGN] who helped us develop our idea further… we are really proud to have achieved what we have”

Finalists Re-Read, Synergie and semi-finalists EcoBot, DWDH (Don’t Waste Don’t Hate) and Zapp from last year’s competition joined their peers on the Big Ideas Day to share some tips and words of encouragement.

“We were part of the Synergie Group. We actually got to the finals of the competition! We have some advice…you do get help from the mentors but make sure you know the field that you’re going into, make sure you have confidence in your idea and make sure that your idea is the most farfetched idea that you can think of”

Another member of ‘Synergie’ had some words of wisdom to share before moving around the hall to help her peers develop their ideas, “One of the most important things is the A, B, C’s because you always need to go back to whether it’s achievable, beneficial and clever, going back to that always helps you”

All teams gave brilliant presentations, and targeted an array of sustainability problems. Teams like ‘Slaughter the Water’ are looking at tackling water waste, ‘The Starvation Army’ are targeting the problem of food waste, and ‘Click-it-off’ – are looking to use motion motors to help fight energy and water waste.

With so many Big Ideas in development it’s inspiring to know that these girls are part of the next generation working to make our world a more sustainable place, one Big Idea at a time!