Big Ideas Day Showcase: Corpus Christi

In November S4TP welcomed a new school as Corpus Christi Catholic College joined the Yorkshire programme. Their Big Ideas Day was a huge success with 120 year 9 students participating in an action-packed Tuesday. S4TP staff were really impressed with the students’ existing knowledge of sustainability problems and this was reflected in a lot of environmentally-focused Big Ideas.
We had solar powered water filters, carbon-neutral trams and food banks fuelled by supermarket waste.  One group who really impressed S4TP dreamt up a floatation device to prevent cars being lost and damaged during flash flooding. The airbag-style device was designed to be triggered by a sensor in the car’s wheel arch once flood waters reached a critical level.
All teams gave brilliant presentations and S4TP were really impressed by the passion of these young people to solve many of our more challenging sustainability problems. Yorkshire mentors are now enjoying supporting these teams to develop their amazing ideas. A particularly impressive venture is an app-based game centred on changing perceptions around diversity and inequality issues. Look out for these guys in the future!