Work Experience with Tarmac!

In collaboration with the Careers and Enterprise Company we are working to support 12 new work experience placements, here is the report from one student.
‘I’ve just finished my first term studying A-Levels and during the October half term, I squeezed in a 3 day work placement with Tarmac thanks to Jen Baughan at S4TP and Wendy Moyle at Tarmac. I spent my 3 days working in the Shared Services Centre, within the Procure to Pay teams, which was great as I am keen to start a career in the finance sector after Sixth Form.
On the first day, I started the morning off at the very start of the process, organising and separating the post into different piles; statements, invoices, overdue payments, and letters. I then worked with the Expenses and Credit Team where I made sure VAT and the value of what was being claimed coincided with the value on receipts and bank statements.
I then worked with the Processing Team where I had a mini tutorial of the invoice system SAP, and with my new found knowledge, I could follow up queries by inputting order and reference numbers. One of the challenging tasks involved resolving invoice problems. I had to investigate why some information on an invoice, such as quantity and prices, didn’t match up with the order. My inquisitive nature got a real buzz from this task!
My favourite part of the experience was on my last day, when I was working with the Accounts Payable Team. I had to reconcile vendor statements and provide payment details to suppliers which meant using the SAP system again. By the end of the placement I was entrusted to send email responses to customers and answer telephone calls by those chasing up their invoice payments.
Over the course of the 3 days not only have I met some lovely people and learnt tonnes about the different Procure to Pay functions but I have managed to enhance my skills sets, such as customer service, problem solving, interrogating financial information, following procedures and IT. This experience will further enhance my CV and hopefully my future employability.
Thank you to Wendy and the Procure 2 Pay Team at Tarmac!’
By Marissa Chauhan