Before the Flood

Coinciding with the COP22, the UN climate talks calling on world leaders to put together action plans to fight climate change, National Geographic broadcasted their most popular video to date, ‘Before the Flood’. Starring U.N Messenger of Peace, environmental activist and Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio.  The documentary showcased the impacts of climate change, how they are being felt globally and charts Leonardo DiCaprio’s journey as he travels the world to meet politicians, scientists, activists and people young and old, all in all painting a picture that is both terrifying and hopeful.

It aired on YouTube for free viewing, and drew in global viewings of over 30 million. At the end of the film, simple calls to action were shown, calling on viewers to become informed consumers when using their purchasing power, and voting for leaders that support the fight against climate change and the problems it causes. Solutions for the Planet’s West Midlands Programme Coordinator Sarah Milburn felt that the film helped to deliver a message ‘initiating in young people’s minds that their actions have consequences and what the wider implications of their individual actions are.’

A message that strongly resounds in Solutions for the Planet’s actions.

Students on our programme are working together to develop solutions to 21st century problems such as climate change. Getting involved with our programme empowers young people, with the support of business mentors and their schools, to bring their Big Ideas to life in their community and beyond.

The struggle against climate change involves us all and its defeat is something we all have a stake in. Films like Before the Flood show that there is growing consensus amongst the global population and the countless positive actions occurring, fighting to turn the tide. As American astronomer Carl Sagan once said, ‘a new consciousness is developing that sees the earth as a single organism and recognises that an organism at war with itself is doomed. We are one planet.’ We are Solutions for the Planet.