Solutions for the Planet values …

The Solutions for the Planet team host an open discussion to reflect on their values and how they sit in relation to the social enterprise and its vision. Sustainability, responsibility and integrity, communication, creativity and innovation, and partnership and collaboration – are the core values decided upon.

During an open discussion, the team reflected upon their own values and where they sit in relation to Solution for the Planet’s values, great insights were shared.

Here at Solutions for the Planet, our values not only guide us, but act as a barometer of whether we are doing more than talking the talk, but actually walking the walk.


Sustainability is a term with an array of meanings. Some said that when talking about sustainability there is no debate. It is so essential that it doesn’t fit within the fight or flight paradigm. It pushes us to consider how we use resources today. Is living without harming others, achieving financial sustainability and having zero negative impact merely an ideal or can it be realised?

Responsibility and Integrity

Being aware of our privileged position to focus our self towards trying to be a good person involve realisations that are empowering. We all make mistakes, however on this journey of self-improvement, having integrity goes deeper than the reputation you wear, it goes deep to our inner self.


Communication can build rapport, it can help us discover our cultural differences and make up, but communication can be done in a variety of ways. If the intention of communication hasn’t been fulfilled, then perhaps one hasn’t communicated effectively. In this digital age, and the growing layers of distance between each other despite our shrinking world, in a world with increasing complexity, uncertainty and paradoxes, our communication and the need to be clearly and correctly understood has never before been as important or under threat.

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation are very much linked to the freedom to be. Exploring solutions to a problem can sometimes require bravery and courage, and drive to challenge the status quo. Our tried and tested ways and engrained systemic and societal habits can sometimes inhibit creativity and beat it down. However, under the right conditions, our creative and innovative qualities can be enlivened and flourish, and what exists in the mind and beyond can be realised.

Partnership and Collaboration

The human species can’t exist alone. Some of the best moments are spent with others and with such partnership and collaboration, what you can get out of a shared experience is not necessarily what others get out. We all can remember a time when we have had to ask for help, given help, and received help from others. Such moments a testament of successful partnership and collaboration, and so long as our boundaries are understood and respected, healthy partnerships and collaborations can continue.