Haiti Creative team Do It For Real

“The main objective for our campaign is ultimately, to benefit the lives of children in Haiti. We believe that the creative aspect of education that we would bring, could greatly impact their lives. For example, forging a potential career in an ever – expanding industry of creative arts would be near impossible without the work that we are offering.  We believe henceforth, that well-educated children would make a well-educated society. If the children are having fun, it will reflect immensely on the happiness of the community.”

Summary: This team wants to provide the children of Haiti with the chance to experience the creative arts, as it is often excluded from their curriculum. The increase in creative arts will help the children of Haiti improve their self-esteem and instil confidence. Having already teamed up with the charity Hope for Haiti, the team have support in identifying the schools where this project is needed and will receive help in financing their idea. Costa Coffee have also been helping the team by providing food and ingredients for a fundraising bake sale at their school. First, the team want to raise money to send musical instruments to Haiti. Then, the team would like to implement lesson plans with facilitators in schools in Haiti. At the end of their project Haiti Creative will compile a fundraising pack to be used by other schools across the UK who also want to help children in Haiti experience more creative arts workshops. Haiti Creative want to set an example of how it’s possible to fundraise for a cause you believe in.

Award amount: £500

School: Dixon City Academy, Bradford

Region: Yorkshire

Impact: National, International

Issues: Access to Education, Developing Skills, Employability