DWDH team Do It For Real

We made a visit to one of our local Primary Schools and spoke to the Deputy Head Teacher. At this meeting we explained our product and asked whether the school thinks they waste water. The Deputy Head agreed and said if we are able to collect solid evidence to prove we were saving the schools money and water. She also, said that she would readily buy our product as well as organize a time for us to speak to the children in her primary School.”

Summary: After learning that only 1% of the worlds water is drinkable and that we waste 95% of that, DWDH began thinking about how they could change this. They want to introduce a programme for schools that will reduce water wastage in three separate and distinctive ways. Firstly, all taps in the school that children use will be fitted with a DWDH dripmeter, allowing schools to track their water usage in real time. Second, the DWDH team holds an assembly in the school explaining the issues surrounding water wastage both here and in third world countries. Lastly, the campaign aims to reach the parents of pupils at schools with leaflets full of useful information encouraging more water savings at home.  There is interest in the project, Thames Water and a local primary school are both keen to see a prototype. With the correct support structure and approach, we expect big things from team DWDH.

School: Plashet school for girls, East Ham

Region: South East

Impact: Regional

Issue: Water wastage