Tea 4 U team Do It For Real

“We want to put smiles back on the faces of our community and we genuinely believe our project can help our community be happy. Every person is struggling with their own issues and being able to have an escape to this is very important. Our tea and biscuits can provide an escape to everyone in our community from their issues and put a smile on their faces. T4U is very simple but extremely powerful – we want to spread happiness and joy through tea and biscuits.”

Tea 4 U is a community engagement project based in Bradford. It aims to bring different parts of the community together with pop up tea tents. The team wants to put a smile on people’s faces in their community by not only providing just tea and biscuits but a platform for individuals to come together for discussion. By holding their events in mosques, churches, parks and community centres Tea 4 U want to attract all members of the community. The idea has support from the general public having successfully run one pop up stand in the city centre already, the team is set to make a sizable impression on Bradford residents.

Award amount: £250

School: Dixon Academy, Bradford

Region: Yorkshire

Impact: Local

Issues: Loneliness, Isolation, Social Cohesion