Volunteer Direct team Do It For Real

Volunteer Direct is a website to make volunteering opportunities easy to find and specific to individuals’ interests and location. With the launch of their Education Programme in September 2016, 6th form students will be able to find volunteering opportunities online to assist others and enhance their own CV. There is an ever growing demand for volunteers; with over 2000 non-profit organisations in Bradford alone. Many charities are reluctant to provide volunteering opportunities for under 18 year olds, which is why Volunteer Direct will be working closely with the charities to create opportunities that are suitable and attractive to under 18’s. Providing an easily accessible platform where volunteers can help with local or national projects, Volunteer Direct perfectly matches the supply to the demand.

Award amount: £500

School: Dixon City Academy, Bradford

Region: Yorkshire

Impact: Local, Regional, National

Issue: Community Development, Generating Funds for Charities, Developing Skills