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Archive for September, 2017

Squirreling away to save our native species

This week marks Red Squirrel Awareness Week.  The Red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) has been part of the UK’s native wildlife for 10 000 years, however we have seen a serious decline in their numbers in more recent years.  It is estimated that there are now only about 140 000 Red squirrels in the UK and […]

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S4TP aims to impact a worrying trend

It is very important to us here at Solutions for the Planet that we work with schools that are local to our business partners, to ensure that the mentoring side of the programme is easily facilitated.  It is also important to us that we work with as many schools from more disadvantaged areas as possible, […]

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Summer Internship at S4TP

What’s the point of an internship? In film and TV, an internship seems to be one long coffee trip followed by a little bit of photocopying. As the team from Solutions for the Planet are located in different cities across the country, I was fairly glad not to have to get anyone coffee. That would […]

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Can we live in a world without bees?

What comes to mind when you think of bees? Honey and stings? A vague recollection that they’re in decline and that’s a bad thing? What if they did disappear? Would our lives look any different? Inspired by Professor Dave Goulson’s talk at the British Science Festival, I share two ways our daily lives could change […]

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The Big Ideas Competition 2017/18!

Welcome back to school everyone! We’ve been working hard over the summer, learning from what you told us you liked and what you thought could be improved from last year’s Big Ideas programme, and we’re really excited to get started. This year we will be aiming to work with just over 40 schools which means […]

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